Program Conducted On The Contemporary Situation of Human Rights In Province 2

  August 3, 2020 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) Province 2 Office organized a discussion program about the contemporary situation of human rights on 1 August 2020.

Many human rights activists participated in the discussion program which was chaired by INSEC Province 2 Coordinator Raju Paswan. Bir Bahadur Budha Magar, Director of National Human Rights Commission of Province 2 was the chief guest of the program.

Speaking on the event, Magar, Director, National Human Rights Commission, Province 2, said that the government needs to be vigilant about the issue of health care in isolation and quarantine at the time when the number of people infected with the coronavirus is high nationwide.

He added that the government of all three levels should be alert towards the health care of the people since now corona infected people are dying in Dhanusha because of a lack of quality treatment in isolation.

Ramnek Sah, president of Nepal Bar Association, Janakpurdham, said that it was difficult to provide justice to people during the lockdown.

During the program, INSEC Province 2 Coordinator Paswan said that there were 24 incidents of rape in Province 2 from 24 March to 24 July 2020. He said that nine women were raped, one was sexually abused and 18 were victims of domestic violence.

Dhirendra Bahadur Singh, the coordinator of NGO Federation Province 2, said that the needy, laborers, and traders were facing more problems in the country due to the lockdown.

He said the government should increase the scope of testing for coronavirus as the general public does not have access to PCR testing.

Raj Kumar Mahaseth, the coordinator of Advocacy Forum Nepal Province 2, said that the government has spent millions in the name of corona but the output has not reached the public.

Manoj Danuwar, the chairperson of the Nepal Human Rights Organization, Dhanusha, said that it was necessary to launch an awareness campaign on corona infection prevention.

Pradip Yadav, Province coordinator of the Blue Diamond Society, said that the condition of the quarantine run by the state government and the local government was deplorable.

Women rights activist Muni Das, said there was a danger of the coronavirus spreading in the community due to a huge crowd in the vegetable markets as well as health institutions.

Subhadra Ale Magar, treasurer of the Gender-Based Violence Reduction Network, said that there was an increase in human rights violations during the pandemic, adding that it was difficult for human rights activists to monitor on-site incidents.

Dipendra Prasad Singh