Problems in the Administration due to Absence of Judge

  April 5, 2021 By: INSEC

There has been a problem in the administration of justice in the district court in Myagdi as there has been no judge for a long time.

The administration of justice has come to a complete halt after the transfer of a court in Myagdi with only one judge in it.

The court has not been able to reach a final verdict in any of the cases since March 13.

Judge Madhavendra Raj Regmi of the district court of Myagdi was promoted on March 13 and left for Dang on March 17. No case has been decided yet.

“The judge has been promoted and gone to Dang. It is not known who will come next,” said Bheshraj Poudel, acting branch officer of the district court in Myagdi.

Now that the judge has been promoted in the district court and the Tehsildar has assumed the responsibility as the acting superintendent as there is no superintendent, he does not have the decisive power.

Article 20, Clause 9 of the Constitution states that every person has the right to a fair hearing from an independent, impartial, competent court or judicial body.

However, the district court in Myagdi has violated the right to justice and timely hearing without a judge.

Khil Prasad Burlakoti, a district court judge of Myagdi, was transferred from Myagdi on November 9 last year.

Poudel said that the final verdict could not be reached even in the cases fixed for sentencing.

“Currently, cases are being registered in the district court, statements, bail bonds and detention orders have been issued,” he said.

At present, out of a total of 387 cases in the district court, 175 cases have been finalized and 212 cases are pending.

In the current fiscal year, 144 cases were registered and 68 cases were transferred from last year.

Of the 49 cases that were transferred last year, two are more than two years old.

According to Shrestha Poudel, acting judge of the district court in Myagdi, no information has been received about the arrival of the judge so far.

“It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post,” he said.

Amrit Prasad Poudel