Shortage of rice in depots

  October 17, 2018 By: INSEC

The remote part of the depots in Jumla are facing crisis after the shortage of rice in the eve of the Hindu festivals “Dashain” and “Tihar”.

Locals of Sinja Rural Municipality and Tila are compelled to buy rice paying a high price after the stock of rice is finished in Dhapa and Jumlakot depots.

Locals complained that they had to pay high price to buy rice after the rice was not supplied by the Food Corporation on time.

According to the acting chief of Food Corporation, the quota of rice for Dhapa and Jumlakot is 25 quintal each but till now no rice has been received. He added that there are adequate rice in the depot of food corporation but due to the negligence from the contractor, this area is not getting rice.

Local Mun Bahadur Bohara said that the rice allocated for the depot are being sold in before it reaches to the depot. He added that almost 12months of the year, these depots are not getting rice due to the lack of timely supply.

Locals say that there is no meaning of having rice in headquarter of Khalanga when the depots in the village are empty.


Man Datta Rawal