Prisoners of Nuwakot Lack Sleeping Space Due to Overcrowding

  January 13, 2021 By: INSEC

As the number of inmates in the district jail exceeds its capacity, more than 45 inmates are forced to sleep in the passages of the prison daily.

According to Prison Chief Durga Prasad Wagle, 45-50 inmates are forced to sleep in open spaces such as passages as there are 143 inmates in the prison with a capacity of 50 male and 20 female inmates.

At present, there are 143 male inmates including 79 prisoners and 64 detainees in the jail. There are 16 inmates of which 10 prisoners and six are detainees.

They face problems with toilet use and drinking water due to overcrowding. Despite many initiatives to manage the prison and reduce the number of inmates, the problem persists, said Wagle.

 “A temporary building has been constructed to use as the COVID quarantine with the capacity to accommodate 17-inmates,” informed Wagle.

The district jail has stated that the inmates coming from outside the jail are kept only after the PCR test.

According to Khes Bahadur Tamang, the inmates are earning their living by making bamboo mats, sweaters, socks, and weaving.

Navadeep Shrestha