Prisoner Demise Incident: Letter To The Ministry Of Home Affairs Requesting The Demand To Be Addressed.

  September 8, 2023 By: INSEC

The family of Akash Balami, submitted a demand letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs, demanding compensation for beating prisoner Aakash to death, in the District Jail situated in hospital gate of Khandbari Municipality-1.

Lakshmi Shrestha,29, wife of Akash Balami,28, Kakani Rural Municipality-7, Nuwakot submitted a demand letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs on September 7.

Laxmi demanded the government provide her with employment, expressing her financial crisis and the insecure future of her 7-year-old child after the demise of her husband.

The victim’s family confirmed that the registration number of the demand letter they submitted is 166.

Prakash Tolangi, 30, and Akash Balami,28, Sangkhuwasabha Madi Municipality-5 lost their lives on August 9, 2023, due to brutal beatings by prison guards on the charge of trying to escape from the prison while they were serving their sentence in the District Jail.

INSEC conducted an on-site monitoring of the incident from August 11 to August 13, 2023 and announced that the victims died due to torture on August 17.

Bhabin Karki