Primary Health Post Vandalized after Demise of a two Children

  May 31, 2023 By: INSEC

The Primary Health Center, Sirthauli, was vandalized over the demise of two children of Dudhauli Municipality-1.

The children were brought to the hospital after being bitten by a snake at 4 am. However, the health post referred the children without primary care. The outraged crowd attacked the health post at 6 p.m. on the same day after the death of the children.

As soon as Ganesh Pahadi found out about his children being bitten by a snake at 3 am on May 30, he immediately took his children, 13-year-old Gris Pahadi and three-year-old Grisma Pahadi to the primary health center, Sirthauli.

 Chakra Majhi, a health worker in the Sirthauli health post claimed that the children were referred to Janaki Health Care, Janakpur due to the lack of a ventilator for the treatment.

 He stated that the children deceased on their way to get medical treatment. However, he and his co-worker, Akash Mishra, were assaulted accusing them of not treating the children.

The outragers broke the windows of the health care center. The furniture of the health care center was taken outdoors and set on fire. Majhi added that he is unaware of the other destruction made by the protestors.

Chiranjibi Dahal, DSP, District Police Office informed that the Police force was deployed in the location to disperse the protestors. He confirmed that the remaining information about the incident is yet to come.


Nabinbabu Adhikari