Preparations for the re-voting intensified.

  November 29, 2022 By: INSEC

Preparations for re-election have been accelerated in 10 polling stations of Baiteswar and Tamakosi Rural Municipality. Preparations for re-election have been intensified in polling centers where there was no clean and fair election.

Based on the complaint filed by the UML, the Election Commission, after an on-site investigation, ordered the cancellation of polling in polling centers where there was no clean vote and re-election.

According to the instructions, the District Election Office and the Chief Election Office have accelerated preparations for the re-election. Chief Electoral Officer Dilliratna Shrestha said they had started preparations with the goal of re-election in 10 polling centers in a clean, free, fair, and fearless environment.

He said that all the preparations related to management and operations would be completed on the day before the election, i.e., on November 30.

Polling centers A, B, and C of Baiteshwar Secondary School, Baiteshwar Rural Municipality-6, A and B of Janjyoti Secondary School, Putlikath- 2, A B and C Kalidhunga Basic School-3 are preparing for re-election.

Similarly, re-election preparation has begun in 10 polling centers in Tamakosi Rural Municipality -3 Health Post Building and Polling centers A and B.

The Election Commission has already sent 44,000 ballot papers for re-election, 11/11 thousand to the direct candidates and 11/11 thousand to the proportional candidates.

Chief Electoral Officer Shrestha said that ballots were kept safe in the office of the Chief Electoral Officer. A two-day training has been started for the staff assigned to the centers selected for voting.

Eight employees, including one polling officer, one assistant polling officer, and support staff, have been assigned to one polling station.

Chief Electoral Officer Shrestha said 80 employees would be deployed in 10 polling stations.

Uddhav Pokharel