Government preparing to amend Act relating to Transitional Justice

  November 14, 2016 By: INSEC

The government is preparing to amend the act of two commissions TRC and CIEDP with a provision of giving immunity to the people involved in a grave human rights violation during an armed conflict.

The government is preparing to give immunity to the crime such as bomb explosion, group killing and other serious crime against humanity. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and CIEDP were formed according to the present act to address conflict era cases.

The conflict victims said that they have informally understood that the act is being amended by making a court verdict in their favor.

Advocate Raman Kumar Shrestha, involved in act amendment said that the act is being amended so that it is accepted by the international community, victims and as per the norms of Comprehensive Peace Accord. He said “UML led government had initiated the act amendment and the present government has processed forward”. The amendment proposal was put forward with a political consensus, he said.

He added that giving amnesty is not in hand of government and it is just a rumor.

Chairperson Suman Adhikari of conflict victim’s organization is suspicious on the act which is in a process of amendment.

Advocate Om Prakash Aryal said that Nepal being a state party of International treaties cannot give immunity to a serious human rights violator even if it removes the provision from the act because such cases attracts international jurisdiction.

The TRC and CIEDP were formed in 2015 February 10 and 11 as per 2071 Act. There are 57,753 complaints lodged at TRC whereas 2864 complaints were lodged at CIEDP.


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