Pregnant Woman Faces Risk Due to Lack of Treatment at District Hospital

  June 19, 2021 By: INSEC

Jagat Maya Rokaya, 27, of Simkot Rural Municipality-6 experiences risk as she could not deliver her baby due to a lack of adequate resources in the district hospital. Doctors said that the mother’s condition is at risk after her baby died in her womb.

The condition of the child was fine till June 16, 2021. Dr Amit Bista of the district hospital told the INSEC representative that the child died while being checked on June 17.

According to Dr Bista, Jagat Maya was admitted to the emergency ward on June 15.

Although the delivery date was due on July 11, the doctors had recommended taking her to Nepalgunj on June 16 when she reached labour and was in a critical condition.

Dr. Bista said she was referred out of the district as she could not be operated at the hospital due to a lack of blood and necessary equipment.

The victim’s husband Jitendra Rawat has complained that the patient had not been rescued till now even though the hospital had asked him to take his wife to Bheri Hospital in Nepalgunj.

According to Senior Auxiliary Nurse Midwife Sarita Bohara of the district hospital, the patient was referred to Bheri hospital because she could not be operated there due to the risk of her blood freezing and there was a lack of water in her uterus which would be a threat if not operated with proper equipment.

Chief District Officer Ganesh Acharya said that there was the arrangement of army helicopter to rescue the patient in coordination with the recommendation of the hospital and the Presidential Women’s Upliftment Program but the helicopter could not take off due to continuous rains.

Nanda Singh