Postponed Polling Completed, Vote Counting Resumed

  May 15, 2022 By: INSEC

According to INSEC Jumla Representative Mandatta Rawal, the re-polling was held in a peaceful atmosphere on May 15 at the Shankar High School polling station in Guthichaur Rural Municipality-3 Gajyangkot in the eastern part of the Jumla district.

Voting was postponed after a clash between Nepali Congress and Socialist Party cadres at the polling station on May 13.

According to Chief District Officer Vijaya Kumari Prasai, 859 out of 1,007 votes have been cast. She said the election was held in a peaceful and fearless atmosphere. Eighty-five percent of the votes have been cast at this polling station. After the clash at the polling station on May 13, the office of the Chief Election Officer postponed the polling to May 15.

According to Guthichaur Rural Municipality Election Officer Shambhu Gautam, the security team including Chief District Officer Prasai, Ganapati Rabin Thapa of Nepal Army, Ganapati Chitrangat Dahal of Armed Police Force No. 33 and Deputy Superintendent of Police Narendra Chand cast their votes.

Observers of different organization including National Human Rights Commission Jumla, INSEC and Federation of Nepali Journalists Jumla were present at the polling station.



According to Kalikot District Representative Kali Bahadur Malla, re-polling has resumed on May 15 at two postponed polling stations in Kalikot district. The re-polling stations are Ramal Musta Basic School in Raskot Municipality-4 and Khardu Janata Basic School in Pachaljharna Municipality-3.

According to Dolpa District Representative Bishnu Devkota, the counting of votes in Tripura Sundari Municipality has resumed on May 15. The counting of ballot papers in Tripura Sundari Municipality Ward 2 was postponed on May 13 due to a dispute after a ballot paper with a brass swastika stamp was found in the booth which is against the norms of the Election Commission. Representatives of the Nepali Congress and the CPN (Maoist) had protested against the seizure of 214 ballot papers of the CPN-UML candidate in Ward No. 2. According to the Election Commission, Bishnu Bahadur KC, a polling officer stationed at the polling station in Ward No. 2, had allowed a slightly larger brass stamp to be affixed on the ballot paper as the rubber stamp of the Election Commission was not clearly inked. While the Nepali Congress, CPN (Maoist) Centre and the CPN (UML) held discussions with candidates and representatives, the Congress and the CPN (Maoist) demanded a re-vote and the CPN (UML) demanded a smooth counting of votes. According to Election Officer Mohan Prasad Belwase, the counting of ballots has been resumed as per the agreement.

INSEC Karnali Province Office, Surkhet