Post Paternal Women Did not Get Security Allowances

  September 25, 2016 By: INSEC

The women at Phoimahadev VDC complained that they did not received security allowances provided by the Nepal Government.

Kamala Katuwal, 25 of Phoimahadevn VDC-4 said that post paternal women did not received an allowances of Rs 1500 plus Rs 400 for regular checkup for the pregnant women provided by the government.

She further said that the District Health Office have already provided the fund however she still did not received it.

The government has a policy to provide allowances to the pregnant and post-paternal mothers. However, the district health office is claiming that they have already provided the fund to health posts.

Jaukala Buda of Phoimahadev said that she do not know about the post-paternal allowances provided by the government.

The government had announced to provide the allowances to the post-paternal and pregnant women in 2008 to reduce mother mortality rate.


Kali Bahadur Malla