Political parties violating Election Code of Conduct

  November 28, 2017 By: INSEC

Along with the approaching date of election, the political parties and candidates are busy on violating election code of conduct. The violating of election code of conduct is increasing in the district. The violation of code of conduct is more in rural area.

The political parties are found to be using posters against the code of conduct. In Maunabudhak Bazar, the left alliance and democratic alliance are found to be putting posters and pamphlets on the wall of government building against the election code of conduct.

While asking about it in District election Office, the office said that no complaints have been lodged yet against the violation.

The chief polling officer Binod Kumar Pokhrel said that political parties will be asked to remove all banners and posters if found to be violating the election code of conduct.


Santosh Ruchal