Policies and Programs of Province 2: Prioritized Chure Conservation and Health Sector

  June 11, 2021 By: INSEC

The Province 2 government has announced to bring a special program for Chure Conservation. After presenting the policies and programs for 2021/22, the provincial government declared special assistance for Chure Conservation and will be coordinating with the local level and the federal government for it.

On behalf of the government, the policies and programs were presented by the Province Chief Dr. Rajesh Jha on June 10. Most of the policies of previous year have been continued this year. Programs such as ‘Educate daughters, Save daughters’, ‘Where there is a road, there is development’ are some of the programs that will be continued this year.

In this year’s policy and program, the government has prioritized the control of the pandemic, health, agriculture, tourism, self-employment, education and irrigation.

To reduce the risk of COVID-19, the government has decided to make Manipal Hospital a covid special hospital by adding posts of health workers in the hospitals. The hospital is under construction in Janakpur. They will also be setting up a COVID emergency centre.

As people commute to India on a regular basis, all the districts of Province 2 will have to set up health desks at the border checkpoints to conduct regular health check-ups and provide health insurance to the health workers.

The policy and program states that Madhes Health Science Academy will start conducting classes from the coming fiscal year as part of the Provincial Pride Plan. Also, the provincial hospital’s capacity will be expanded to 500 beds

The program includes the Chief Minister’s Youth Self-Employment Enterprise Development Program for those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and the provision of Dalit scholarships and ration cards for the needy Dalits has also been introduced.

The policy program will also prioritize small and medium irrigation to make the province agriculture-based.

Some of the major programs will be supporting farmers to fix the rate for their production, promote agro-business, provide agricultural insurance, agricultural roads, agricultural electrification, agricultural irrigation, tax-release for agro-based enterprises, special packages for sugarcane farmers and sugar industry, effective veterinary service policy and agricultural mechanization. It has been stated that special assistance will be provided for agro-industrialization by setting a sustainable basis to increase productivity.

The government has brought a policy program to build Dalit hostels and senior citizen residents in each district headquarters.

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Ajay Kumar Sah