Police Stranded in Three polling Centres of Limi

  May 15, 2022 By: INSEC

Nineteen temporary police delegated at three polling centres of Limi in Namkha Rural Municipality were stranded after helicopters were not sent to bring them back.

According to Jagat Bahadur Poudal of the Office of the Chief Election Officer, the ballot boxes and other staff were transported three days after the election but the temporary police were not brought back.

Election Officer Poudel said that the Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and other personnel were airlifted to Yalwang by a Nepal Army helicopter on May 15 for counting the votes but the captain of the helicopter did not agree to bring the temporary police.

Helicopters were needed to bring the ballot boxes, but the transportation of ballot boxes was delayed due to untimely arrival. Ballot boxes and polling staffs of Bhrikuti Primary School of Jang, Sunkhani Primary School of Halji and Himshikhar Primary School of Til polling stations were taken to Yalwang for vote counting.

It was very difficult for the team to cross the 4,800 meters high Nara Lake in Namkha Rural Municipality-5. The temporary police will again face a difficult time crossing Nara Lake.

Nanda Singh