Police post cordoned by locals on charge of torture in custody

  May 17, 2018 By: INSEC

Locals of Lisangkhapar Rural Municipality -6 in SIndhupalchok are agitated accusing Area Police Office of Barhabise of torturing three people inside the custody on May 16. They have cordoned the area police office in protest of the incident.

The victim’s party have accused that police had arrested Bijaya Shrestha, Hem Raj Pandey and Rabin Pandey on May 16 on charge of theft and were tortured for about one hour after taking them into custody.

Locals found out about the torture after the victims screamed inflicted by the torture. Locals have cordoned area police office in protest of torture.

Inspector Pancha Kumar Paku of Area Police Office said that the incident will be investigated and if found, guilty will be punished.


Nati Babu Dhital