Police Beats His Wife for Participating in the Election Campaign

  May 7, 2022 By: INSEC

Dhana Mahar, 29, of Dasharathchanda Municipality-8 was beaten by her husband Jaya Mahar, 30, for participating in the election campaigning. Jaya Mahar is a temporary police delegated for election period.

Accused Mahar had beaten up his wife saying that she was campaigning for a relative Seema Mahar, who was nominated by the CPN-UML for the post of member of Ward No. 8.

Mahar, who sustained injuries in different parts of her body due to her husband’s beating, is undergoing treatment at the district hospital.

The victim told INSEC that her husband had misbehaved with her on the street for participating in the election campaigning and had also beaten her at night after consuming alcohol.

She said although she had gone to the police to file a complaint, she was told to get herself treated before filing the complaint.

She said, “I was beaten and not allowed to enter the house at night.” With the help of the villagers, the victim Mahar was able to stay indoors at night but slept with an empty stomach. She is being treated with the help of villagers.

Spokesperson of the District Police Office Inspector Lokraj Joshi said that he was unaware of the incident.

Nari Badu