Police Arrests School Principle Accused of Sexual Abuse

  May 23, 2023 By: INSEC

Thuldhunga Police arrested Sailendra Kumar Sah, Principle of a school in Bhanu municipality- 13, on May 22 on charges of sexual abuse of female students of the same school.

Dipendra Thapa, a teacher, says that on June 21, he encountered a girl crying in a class when asked what happened, the girl said that Sah physically, mentally, and sexually abused her.

After that, 20 female students in the same class went to the ward office and petitioned to take action against the principal.

Ward Chairman Krishna Bahadur Adhikari then said that they will discuss this matter on May 22nd. Sah was arrested from the college premises on May 22nd after the stakeholders filed a complaint against him at the Pokharichap police station.

Twenty female students from classes eight to 12, along with their parents and some teachers, filed a complaint against the principal at the district police office on May 22nd.

A 14-year-old student of class 9 told the INSEC representative that Sah was continuously sexually abusing her. “The headmaster never gave homework to the boys, he always gave difficult homework to the girls and used to mentally torture and physically harass them if they couldn’t do the assigned work,” she said.

Kalpana Thapa Khadka, a former teacher of the said school, said that she had witnessed Principal Sah misbehaving before. She said that even though she had repeatedly raised this matter in the school management committee and staff meetings, no one cared.

Inspector Narhari Adhikari of the case branch of District Police Office Tanahun said that the accused Sah was arrested and an investigation into the matter has started.

Prakash Chandra Bhattrai