Police Arrest Accused of Misbehavior Against Security Personnel

  November 2, 2023 By: INSEC

Police arrested Kalden Gole, 32, and Parang Gole, 36, both from Panch Pokhari, Thampal Rural Municipality-5, Gunsa, at Gunsa market on November 1 . They were apprehended for misbehaving with security personnel on patrol in Panch Pokhari Thampal Rural Municipality-5.

The aggrieved party filed a complaint at the Melamchi Area Police Office on October 17, alleging that the accused had abused security personnel on patrol from Thampalkot police station on October 16.

Inspector Sanjiv Yadav from the District Police Office stated that the accused had gone into hiding after the incident and were subsequently arrested.

Inspector Yadav further informed INSEC that the accused are currently held in the custody of the Area Police Office, Melamchi, for ongoing investigation.


Natibabu Dhital