Police Accused of Torturing 16-year-old in Custody

  July 12, 2023 By: INSEC

Guardians of a 16-year-old boy residing in Harinagar Rural Municipality-1, Ramnagar Bhutaha  has accused the police of subjecting the boy to a physical assault while in custody, coercing him into confessing to a theft charge.

According to the victim’s account, the police arrested the boy on July 10 on allegations of motorcycle parts theft. They purportedly inflicted torture upon him, pressuring him to admit to the theft while confined in the custody cell on the same day.

The boy’s mother, aged 39, informed a representative from INSEC that her son sustained bruises and injuries inflicted by the police.

DSP Rajkumar Rai from the District Police Office stated that the boy was released on July 10, as the evidence for the theft charges could not be substantiated.

In response to the incident, the victim’s party staged a protest by blocking the District Police office in Gherau and a section of the East-West Highway in Inruwa on July 11. The police have initiated an investigation into the reported act of physical assault.

After DSP Rajkumar Rai conducted an inquiry into the alleged assault in custody, the victim’s party ceased their protest.

Journalist Lukman Ansari reported that, following the mistreatment by the police, the victim raised slogans against the law enforcement officials.

The police contend that the injuries the child sustained occurred when he attempted to flee while under investigation.

On July 10, the boy, who had suffered injuries due to the alleged torture, received medical treatment at a clinic in Inaruwa.

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Jay Krishna Yadav