Police Accused of Refusing to Register Complaint Against Polygamy

  April 17, 2023 By: INSEC

Sarmila Budha, 23, of Pamsa located in Adanchuli Rural Municipality-6, complained that the police refused to register her complaint against her husband regarding polygamy. The victim has alleged that her husband Dharamjit Budha, 23, got married to another woman on 17 March 2023. Despite, a constant attempt to register a complaint against her husband from 10 April to 16 April the District Police Office Humla refused to register the complaint.

In a conversation with an INSEC representative, she mentioned that the police keep turning her away under various pretexts. She alleges that her husband is residing in Kathmandu, and the police are refusing to register a complaint to arrest him.

According to the Police constable, Yam Bahadur Wali of Phat, the police require a confirmation letter from a local representative regarding the alleged polygamy for the case to be registered. However, Sarmila alleges that the police refused to register a complaint case after the Ward Chairperson of Adanchuli Rural Municipality-6, Wirsha Bahadur Budha, and other people from the village provided a false testimony stating that her husband hasn’t married another woman.

Wirsha Bahadur Budha, after an inquiry by an INSEC representative, stated that he never denied Dharmajits’s second marriage, in fact, he just mentioned that Dharmajit had not brought his second wife home. The victim’s father, Dhanraj Budha, said that the action of the police added to the suffering of his daughter.

Nanda Singh