Police Accused of Not Registering Complaint Against Rape

  December 13, 2022 By: INSEC

A victim alleged that the police refused to register a case of attempted rape of a 17-year-old girl.
According to the victim, the police did not register her complaints against  57-year-old Bal Bahadur Bhandari of Dullu Municipality-8 Mehalpani for attempted rape. Bhandari was accused of attempting to rape her in the forest while she was collecting firewood.
According to the information officer of the district police office, Dailekh Inspector Purushottam Karki, the police had suggested changing the charge to child sexual abuse instead of attempted rape.
Inspector Purushottam Karki said that the accused had touched the victim inappropriately but had not attempted to take her clothes off and was fully clothed himself. The complaint will be registered immediately as soon as the charge is changed.
“The incident happened on December 9, we submitted the case on December 10. It was not registered for four days.” said the victim’s mother.
Rama Shrestha, the coordinator of Women’s and Children’s Service Center, and a district member of the Human Rights Defenders Network informed that both sides have been informed and efforts are being made to find a solution through a middle way. He said that even if the charge is to be changed, it is too late.

Amar Sunar