Police Accused for not Registering a Complaint of Beating

  July 25, 2021 By: INSEC

Barsha Darjee, 42, resident of Patharishanishchare-4, Mahendra Chowk has alleged that the police denied registering a complaint against those involved in beating her.

Dilli Ram Nepal, 42, of Patharishanishchare Municipality-4 and his wife Hema Nepal, 36, called her “DUMNI” and was beaten to death while cutting grass in her own land border. The victim shared that the police did not complain about the accused, although the victim had filed a complaint against the couple at the Area Police Office, Pathari on July 21, 2021.

DSP Krishna Khadka of Area Police Office Pathari said to the INSEC representative that the accused Dilliram Nepal and his wife had informed the police that they had not beaten Barsha despite arguing about cutting the grass.

According to DSP Khadka, alleged Nepal and his wife had come with a complaint on July 21 for claiming compensation amount one hundred fifty thousand for the loss of ornament during their fight regarding the grass cutting issue. It is informed by the Police that they will register the complaint after identifying the reality of the incident.

Govinda Bhandari, Ward Chairman of Patharishanishchare Municipality-4, said that it is necessary to register a complaint by the police and take action against the accused as Barsha was beaten to death. In a phone call with the INSEC representative, Ward Chairperson Bhandari said that “she is victimized by the atrocities of her neighbours.” The police informed that the victim is under treatment in Morang Hospital of Patharishanischare Municipality.

Netra Prasad Adhikari