Placement of Exam Center in an Unfavorable Location Created Difficulties to Students.

  March 27, 2024 By: INSEC

The students studying in Galchi Rural Municipality expressed their dissatisfaction with the location of the examination center, stating that it has caused difficulties for them to reach the center.

INSEC representative was told that 22 students of Shree Balkumari Basic School ,Galchi Rural Municipality-8 were distressed to reach their exam center which is Rising Village English Secondary School, Baireni Bajar to appear for their exam.

Baikuntha Rimal, a teacher at Balkumari Basic School, expressed that students faced challenges after the municipal level examination management committee arranged for some school students to appear for their exams at another secondary school.

A student mentioned that it would require an entire day to travel to the exam center and return home. He requested to keep his name confidential stating that it could cause issues during the exam if mentioned.

Students from Goganpani Basic School in Galchi Rural Municipality-8, Janasewa Basic School, have to travel for two hours to reach the exam venue. Similarly, students from Jalakanya Basic School in Galchi Rural Municipality-5 have to travel 10 to 12 kilometers to reach Amanata Devi School for their exams.

Similarly, the students of Dhading Basic School in Galchi Rural Municipality-3 are required to reach the Kalleri Secondary School in Galchi Rural Municipality-2 for their exams.

Along with the complaints of the students who had trouble walking every day for four days for examination, their parents also expressed their concern over the decision of the education branch of Galchi Rural Municipality alleging that the decision is against the rights of children.

Gokarna Rupakheti, a child rights activist, noted that while Galchi Rural Municipality intends to declare the Rural Municipality child-friendly, the education branch has acted against child rights during examinations.  He further noted that such activities  should be stopped.

Regarding this issue, Kedar Khatiwada, Chairperson of Galchi Rural Municipality, stated that they initially believed the education branch was performing satisfactorily. However, upon receiving complaints about the issue, they became aware of the problem. In addition, Pema Dorje Thokar, Chief of the Education Branch of Galchi Rural Municipality, could not be reached despite multiple attempts to discuss the matter.

Yagya Adhikari, Chief of the Human Rights Protection Division and Joint Secretary at the National Human Rights Commission, urged the local education branch not to violate human rights. He emphasized that conducting the Class 8 examination center outside their own school could create difficulties for children.

Sitaram Adhikari