Photo Exhibition on lives of post conflict victims with Disability

  November 22, 2018 By: INSEC

A photo exhibition is organized on November 21 based on the life leading by the people having disability inflicted by the armed conflict.

Disability federation of Myagdi and Conflict Victims Rights Society of Myagdi had jointly organized the exhibition. The exhibition includes the photos of 14 people injured during the armed conflict and having disability.

In the occasion, a book “14 stories: Lively memories of war” was mad public which includes the distress, pain and social issues faced by the people having disability after the conflict.

 The photo exhibition includes two stories of conflict victims from Myagdi out of 14.  A feature film of 32 years old Surendra Khatri and 67 years old Krishna lal Shrestha was shown during the exhibition. They both had lost their hands during the conflict.

During the exhibition, vice-mayor Sanju Baruwal of Beni Municipality committed to provide maximum support to the conflict victims on behalf of local level.

The program was organized to commemorate the 12 anniversaries of signing of Comprehensive Peace Accord.

Some glimpses of Photo Exhibitions:

Photo20181122Myagdi1 Photo20181122Myagdi2 Photo20181122Myagdi3 Photo20181122Myagdi6

Amrit Baskune