People Staying In Quarantine Provided With Decayed Rice

  April 30, 2020 By: INSEC

People staying in the quarantine of Trishakti Secondary School of Budiganga Municipality- 9 have complained of getting decayed rice for eating.

The manufacturing date in the sack of the rice is stated to be February of 2017 and it is edible for a year and they are fed the same rice while it is already 2020, informed Hirendra Kunwar, a teacher staying in the quarantine.

He added- ‘we have been in the quarantine for 12 days now. From the first day itself, we are given decayed rice but we figured it out just today.’

The rice turned black after cooking and two-three of them have vomited immediately after eating the particular rice, informed Dinesh Joshi.

According to Bhisma Raj Joshi, the rice sack had 2017 written on it which was later corrected into 2020 with a marker. He also added- there are 18 people kept in the same room from 28 April with two quilts and three blankets and there is no electricity inside the quarantine.

Chairperson of Ward no. 9, Bharat Thapa has accepted the rice to be expired. He added that they had bought rice from Sunil Baniya’s shop and were unaware of the situation. After being informed about the situation, we have immediately replaced the rice.

The Mayor of the Municipality, Deepak Bikram Shah has assured of taking action against the seller while the CDO Ganga Prasad Neupane has informed of being unaware of the problem.

There are 239 people living in 18 different quarantines of the local level but the concerned authorities have not monitored these places.

Padam Bahadur Singh