Penalty Imposed on Charge of Touching Temple

  September 6, 2016 By: INSEC

Lal Bahadur Agri, 39 of Rilu VDC-8 has been penalized with one gram of gold and two thousand rupees on September 5 on charge of touching temple during a Harelo fair at Rilu VDC-8, Dwari of Bajhang district.

He was accused and penalized on charge of entering the temple according to local Lal Bahadur Bohara.

Bohara said that penalty was paid by Agri by his own will as there is a superstition and social norms that touching temple by Dalit is a sign of bad luck. Every year, on this day, Harelo fair is organized in a temple at Rilu VDC.

Agri was penalized of touching temple despite of clear provision in constitution against caste discrimination and untouchability. There has been no intervention on this issue by a local administration till this date.


Prakash B.K