Patients Suffering Due to Lack of Digital X-ray Machine in the District Hospital

  November 12, 2020 By: INSEC

Patients are being affected due to the lack of digital X-ray machine connection in the district hospital. The service could not be started as there was no DR machine and building machine sent by the Lumbini provincial government in July 2020.

Patients in need X-rays machines have to travel to another district which consumes their time and money.

Locals have to go outside the district to get X-ray service. A building at least 10 feet high is required to operate the machine. Due to the lack of a building, the digital X-ray equipment isn’t being used. As the Rukumkot District Hospital is accommodated in the building of the health post of Rukumkot, there is still a lack of infrastructure.

Sisne rural municipality has decided to construct a building for digital X-ray operation. Acting Chief Administrative Officer Chintamani Dahal said that the budget was allocated by transferring money from other titles.

Even after the construction of the building, there is no way to start the service in the district. For this, a DR machine has to be brought.

The district hospital is also preparing to purchase a DR machine as a building will be constructed for digital X-ray at the district hospital.

Jayaman Budha Magar