Patients in Humla Facing Difficulty Due to Crisis of Air Tickets

  November 1, 2021 By: INSEC

Humla District has not been linked with road networks yet, therefore air route is their only way of commuting. Locals of Humla have been suffering due to the problem of getting tickets for the flights since October 6, 2021.

Nepal Airlines Corporation has not taken off from Humla since May 2021. Locals have complained of not getting tickets from private airlines after the airlines started distributing tickets on the basis of access instead of necessity.

Birjit Shahi, 60, of Pyus in Kharpunath Rural Municipality-1 had an asthma attack 15 days ago after which his family decided to take him out of the district for treatment. Shahi’s relative Dhirendra Shahi has accused Tara and Summit Air of not providing a ticket when Shahi was taken to the airport on October 24 after which he was brought back home on a stretcher.


Dr. Dev Gajmer said that the patient was brought to the district hospital on a stretcher for five hours and was referred to the province hospital in Surkhet on October 24.

The patient’s son-in-law Khadak Bahadur Shahi said, ‘The police did not allow us to get inside and stopped us at the gate. After a lot of requests, they allowed us to get inside but the crew of the airlines said there was no ticket remaining. They gave only one ticket to the patient. Since no one else got the ticket to take him for treatment, we had to return back.’

Chief District Officer Ganesh Acharya said that the public was suffering due to the negligence of private airlines. He stated that 12 patients were currently waiting for tickets at the airport and also committed to issuing tickets even if they have to mobilize the police.


Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, Congress Leader informed that he has requested the Ministry of Tourism to make the flight of the airline corporation regular.

Nanda Singh