Patients deprived of treatment from mad- fox bite

  September 8, 2017 By: INSEC

Patients getting ill after the attack from wild mad-fox bite are deprived of treatment after the shortage in anti-rabbis medicine.  At least 17 people fall ill after a mad-fox entered into Milanchok, Aapkholi and Bakhkhor village in Gurbhakot Municipality-4 on September 6 and 7 and bitten people.

The fox attack has also infected the domestic animals. Patients are compelled to do home treatment after they failed to get medicines.

 Health In charge Kiran Oli of Health Post in Gurbhakot Municipality-4 said that the vaccine for fox-bite (Immunoglomin Vaccine) is very expensive and there is no stock of the medicine in the health organization. The emergency meeting was held in Gurbhakot Municipality to get the vaccine from Kathmandu according to Muicipality chief Hasta Pun.


Durga Thapa