Patients Facing Difficulties Due to Unorganized Services of the Hospital

  July 28, 2021 By: INSEC

Unorganized services of the District Hospital of Rukum have started troubling the beneficiaries visiting the hospital. They have not been able to provide services from a hub due to which the patients have to face difficulties.

Tulasa Giri lamented that she was having problems as she had to go to different places for ticketing, check-up, payments, and lab services.

Geeta Khadka, a pregnant patient told INSEC that they have to go to the district hospital to get the ticket and reach Rapti Samaj Hospital for the health check-up. She further added that the doctor doesn’t check them without the COVID report so for the COVID test, they have to return to the district hospital. The constant visits to different places consume additional time and also creates problems.

According to her, the distance between the district hospital and Rapti Samaj Hospital is about two kilometres. The patients have stressed on the need to get all the services from one place as they face problems in commuting.

Bishnu Budhathoki, Acting Manager of the Health Service Office, said that the district hospital has been providing services through Rapti Samaj Hospital by hiring them due to an increase in the infection of COVID-19.

He said that the district hospital is being used as an isolation hospital during COVID-19 and they have rented Rapti Samaj Hospital to give services to other patients. Due to lack of rooms, they could not keep all the equipment in the rented hospital because of which the patients are having a difficult time.

He added, at present, there are no patients of COVID-19 in the district hospital but the risk of infection has not declined therefore, they are unable to give the services from one hospital only.

Manish KC