Patients at Risk Due to Lack of Medicines

  January 7, 2020 By: INSEC

Primary Health Centers and Health Organizations of Beldandi rural municipality area lacks medicines that are freely distributed. This is causing problem to their services and patients are having a tough time.

As the rural municipality, Province Government and Federal Government delayed the purchase and fulfillment of medicines, Beldandi rural municipality area’s health organizations are unable to distribute them.

Dhirgha Raj Ojha, a local of Beldandi rural municipality-2 said after the checkup, they send the patients back without medicine.

 The health organizations of this rural municipality distributes 45 different types of medicines out of which only 20 of them are available, informed Madhav Nanda Bhatta, Head of the rural municipality’s Health Section. He emphasized on the lack of coordination between the rural municipality and Federal Government because of which the locals are suffering.

Dhana Bahadur Thapa, Chaiperson of the Beldandi rural municipality informed about the initiation of the medicine fulfillment process and the medicines will be available soon.

Komal Niranjan Bhat