Patient referred outside the district due to lack of CT scan system

  September 29, 2016 By: INSEC

Patients are being referred outside the district in Humla for further treatment because of lack of CT scan system, hospital said.

22-year-old Santosh Rawal of Raya VDC-5 complained that they are compelled to go to Nepalgunj by paying an expensive plane fare for treatment.

District Public Health Information Officer Naresh Babu Shrestha informed that 22-year-old Santosh Rawal of Raya VDC-5, and 21-year-old Janabira Rawal of the same VDC-7 were referred to Nepalgunj for CT scan by Humla district hospital on September 27. The District Hospital said that the hospital is lacking in CT scan from the very beginning of its establishment.

According to District Police Inspector Prakash Yadav, both injured Santosh and Janabira Rawal were beaten by a group of 6 people on September 22. They were rescued by helicopter and brought to the district police headquarter, Simkot. Inspector Yadav said that all accused are at large.

Nand Singh