Patient Faces Problem in Treatment Due to Financial Scarcity

  May 29, 2021 By: INSEC

The family of seven-year-old Lokesh Shahi resident of Simkot Rural Municipality – 7 is facing a problem in treatment due to financial scarcity. The family informed that the child has been suffering from epilepsy since the third month of his birth.

Samjhana Shahi, the mother of the child, shared that the child could not get treatment due to the poor financial condition of the family. According to Shahi, the condition of her sick son is getting worse day by day and people are not even able to recognize him.

 “If I had money, I could take my child out from the district for better treatment. The Rural Municipality and other bodies are inaccessible for me”, she lamented.

Dr. Tasi Lama said Lokesh will take more time to recover as he was brought to the district hospital on May 23, 2021.

The family became happy when Lokesh, who could not walk till the age of six, started walking before a year. But the happiness could not sustain a long time because the child started eating whatever he likes and walking wherever he likes. The family says that they have not been able to do the housework properly because of their engagement in caring for the patient.

His mother told the INSEC representative that despite many attempts to get help in the treatment and receive rehabilitation in an institution established for intellectual disability, it was not successful.

Bali Rawat, the vice-chairperson of Simkot Rural Municipality, said that he was unaware of the sick child. He further said “Only those with A and B  category of disability have access to allowances and treatment. Other patients will  get the same facility after the doctor’s recommendation only.”

Nanda Singh