Demise of Constituent Assembly Chairperson Nemwang

  September 12, 2023 By: INSEC

Constituent Assembly Chairperson and Member of Parliament Subash Chandra Nemwang passed away on the morning of September 12 due to a heart attack. Nemwang’s personal secretary, Krishna Kafle, confirmed that he was rushed to Maharajganj University Teaching Hospital for treatment after suffering a heart attack at his residence in Baluwatar. Unfortunately, he passed away en route to the hospital.

Nemwang had a distinguished political career, serving as a member of the National Assembly twice in 2048 and 2052. He continuously won parliamentary elections from Ilam since 2056. In the Constituent Assembly elections of 2064 and the second Constituent Assembly elections of 1970, he emerged victorious from Ilam-2. He held several significant positions during his political career, including Speaker of the Constituent Assembly, Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Order, Minister of General Administration, and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament.

Nemwang played an essential role in the establishment of the Human Rights Commission and registered a resolution proposal for the establishment of the National Human Rights Commission during his tenure in the National Assembly. He was a leading advocate in the parliament for the necessity of a Human Rights Commission in Nepal.

Nemwang was known for his dedication to public service and had the distinction of becoming the Speaker of the restored parliament during the People’s Movement of 062-063. He served as the Speaker four times during his career. His passing marks the loss of a prominent figure in Nepal’s political landscape.


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