Court Sentences 13 Years for Rapist

The District Court of Surkhet has ordered to sentence Bhim Bahadur Saru Magar,30 of Lekhgaun VDC-6 for 13 years on charge of finding him guilty on raping 15-years-old mentally retarded  girl. A single bench of District Court judge Krishna Jung Shah has given a verdict regarding the case on August…

August 18, 2016  
Sit-in-Protest in front of Bir Hospital Demanding to Save Ganga Maya’s Life

The Human Rights activists have staged a sit-in-protest in front of Bir Hospital on August 16 demanding to save life of Ganga maya Adhikari who has been in an indefinite hunger strike demanding for justice. The protestors have demanded the government to immidiately bring those involved in killing of her…

August 17, 2016  
Government Decides to Provide Rs 5,00,000 To The Families of Conflict Victims

The government has decided to provide Rs 5,00,000 to the victim’s family of those killed and enforcedly disappeared during armed conflict according to Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal. Prime Minister Dahal  while meeting with the representatives of Martyr and disappeared people  said that the fund will be provided as per…

August 17, 2016  
Workshop  Meeting Commences on UPR Recommendations Received on Child Rights

A two days work shop meeting on discussion of recommendations received during Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Child Rights has been organised in Lalitpur from August 16. The meeting was organised in coordination with Children Peace Zone and Child Protection campaign. The participants of the workshop meeting will collect various…

August 17, 2016  
Writ Lodged At SC Demanding Not to Provide Fund to Disqualified Combatant

A writ has been registered at Supreme Court on August 16 against the government decision to provide Rs 200,000 each to disqualified Maoist combatant stating that the decision not being lawful. The writ was lodged by conflict victim Gyanendra Raj Raran of Puranagaun-5, Ramechhap along with 129 people. Prime Minister…

August 16, 2016  
Sentence for One Year Three Months on Charge of Attempted rape

The District Court of Udayapur has ordered to sentence 14-year-old boy for one year and three months on charge of attempting to rape an 18 years old girl however his sentence has been postponed as the accused is under aged. The verdict was given by a single bench of judge…

August 16, 2016  
Court Orders to Sentence Husband for 24 Days On Charge of Domestic Violence

The District Court of Arghakhanchi has ordered to sentence Puna Ram Bhusal,33 for 24 days on charge of committing a domestic violence on August 15 against his wife Srijana Bhusal,29 of Kerunga VDC-2. The court has also ordered a penalty of Rs 10,000 from the accused. A single bench of…

August 16, 2016  
Accused on Caste Discrimination Arrested

Lila Bahadur B.K, 29 of Bana VDC-8 was beaten by relatives of Sapana Tamang, 29 of same VDC on charge of marrying with her on August 9. The accused were arrested by the police on August 13. The accused Singha Man Tamang,26 of Bana VDC-8, Sal Bahadur Tamang, Bhala Man…

August 16, 2016  
Nationwide Study Affected By General Strike

Two days general education strike enforced by Netra Bikram Chand led CPN-Maoist on August 15 has affected nationwide study of students in a first day. The study was affected after schools were forcefully closed against the norms of international Child Rights treaties and basic rights of Nepal’s constitution.

August 15, 2016  
Amnesty Cannot Be Given to a Serious Crime: Commission

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has drawn the attention of Prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal stating that Human Rights violations in a serious nature of crime cannot be given amnesty. The commission’s officials met prime minister on August 15 and said that human rights violation in serious nature of crime…

August 15, 2016