Padlock in Rural Municipality Office, Beneficiaries in Stress

  December 12, 2022 By: INSEC

Contract employees working in Ardash rural municipality have locked up the Rural Municipality Office.
Rana Bahadur Bista, a local, complained that the contract workers have been protesting against the Rural Municipality’s unilateral decision to not allow the contractual employees to enter their attendance in the office from December 7.
According to Bista, he had to return home empty-handed as he could not complete the agreements for various plans in this financial year.
Bir Bahadur Bista, a local, said the locals have not been able to register or get the recommendation of the Municipality for birth, death, migration, and other important services. The beneficiaries have to return home empty-handed.
Ganesh Bahadur Rokaya, a contractual employee said the village executive committee had held a meeting on December 7 without informing the 115 contractual employees and excluding them from the meeting. The employees were appointed by the previous local government.

Lakshmi Rokaye, Vice-President of the Rural Municipality, commented saying that the agenda of the meeting was to discuss the situation of the Rural Municipality. However some internal disputes arose within the meeting.

She said that they are waiting for the return of Ganesh Bahadur Khadka, Village Chairperson, who is out of the district currently, to address this conflict.

Ganesh Joshi