Oxygen Shortage in District Hospital Poses Significant Challenges for Patients

  June 11, 2024 By: INSEC

The District Hospital faces an oxygen shortage, creating significant challenges for respiratory and asthma patients. The hospital’s oxygen machine has been broken for a year and remains unrepaired, causing  problems for patients in need of oxygen.

Dr. Sanket BK from the Health Service Office highlighted the need to travel to Nepalgunj to refill empty oxygen cylinders. This challenge is causing significant distress, particularly for severe patients. Dr. BK emphasized that apart from those with severe respiratory problems, asthma patients requiring referrals must arrange their oxygen. This situation has affected economically disadvantaged patients.

Similarly, Bhawandari Shahi, an 81-year-old resident of Khadachakra Municipality-1, shared her experience of visiting the district hospital for oxygen due to respiratory problems. Unfortunately, she had to return home immediately because of the lack of oxygen supply in the hospital.

Likewise, Phulmaya Chaulagai, 65, from Khandachakra Municipality-5, expressed that she faced difficulties due to asthma, and with the district hospital lacking oxygen, she had to purchase expensive oxygen from Nepalgunj. 

Dr. BK mentioned that they are working on immediate arrangements by signing a contract with another oxygen plant maintenance company to repair the machine and resolve the issue within two weeks.


Kalibahadur Malla