Overcrowded Prison Leads to Mismanagement

  April 6, 2021 By: INSEC

The inmates have been forced to live under tents in the district jail, Baitadi, due to overcrowding.

There are currently 74 inmates in the 25-capacity District Jail, Baitadi, including 10 women. Of them, 40 are serving their sentences and 34 are incarcerated for trial.

Anil Tiwari, the jailor of Baitadi District Jail, said that the management of the district jail was halted due to overcrowding.

He said: “There is a problem in managing food and shelter when we have to keep more prisoners than we can handle.” When all are managed in one place, the transmission of the disease is likely to be faster. The prison established in 1940 BS has not been upgraded. ’


Chief District Officer Mohan Raj Joshi said that the problem has not been resolved despite repeated requests to the Department of Prison Management.

He said, “I have informed the concerned department and ministry.” However, the problem has not been resolved yet. The number of detainees is increasing as there are people in the police detention cell whose investigations are about to expire. That fact must be taken into account. “


There is a compulsion to send women prisoners to Dadeldhura and Dhangadhi jails as there is a problem in keeping them in the district jail, Baitadi.

Nari Badu