One Hundred and Fifty-One Applications from Families of Martyrs

  January 18, 2023 By: INSEC

An annual budget approved program of the Province one government (for the financial year 2023-2024) that compensates 100,00 rupees to families of martyrs of the People’s War, Second People’s Movement, Madesh Movement, and Indigenous Movement has received one hundred and fifty-one applications within the district.

A petition was submitted to the Government to provide 1 Lakh rupees to martyrs’ families under the procedural law to provide compensation to families of martyrs in the civil movement in 2022.

Subba Kulamani Dahal, deputy of the district administration office, said that 151 people, 58 women, and 93 men, have applied for the application after the administration published a notice. The notice provided 30 days from December 24, 2022, as the deadline for application.

According to the procedure, the Provincial Government will determine the release process after Chief District Officer Mahesh Kumar Pokharel circulates the collected applications.

Chief District Officer Pokharel, stated that all the applicants are family members of the martyrs. The district office has collected the documents as specified in the notice. Overall, 1 crore 51 lakh rupees will be distributed among the families.

The District Administration Office said that the payment process will be done through the banking system.


Devraj Gurung