One Died of Diarrhoea in Jajarkot

  March 10, 2023 By: INSEC

One person died in Junchade Rural Municipality, Jajarkot due to Diarrhoea on 5 March 2023.

Health Branch Chief Prem Bahadur Shahi informed that Jaya Raj Rokka, 51, of Junchade Rural Municipality-7, lost his life due to lack of timely treatment.

As per Shahi, Rokka was brought to the hospital for treatment on 4 March after suffering from diarrhoea since 2 March 2023. However, he lost his life after failing to receive timely treatment owing to the lack of medications including jiwanjal and Amjit at the hospital.

Fourteen year old son of the deceased, Anmol Rokka is also suffering from Diarrhoea.  Shahi informed that primary treatment of the son was done by the team of health branch Majkot and police post at his house on 5 March.

As per the Chief District Officer of Jajarkot, Anjan Neupane, since no progress was seen following primary health care, the boy was taken to Karnali Provincial hospital for the further treatment. He further informed that the child’s health is getting better following the treatment at Surkhet.

Dr. Aisar Singh Rathaur from Jajarkot hospital stated that the food habit along with the season change are some of the primary reasons behind  the increasing cases of diarrhoea. Doctor Rathaur suggested everyone to remain cautious of the food packaging as it may also lead to diarrhoea.

Health post in the Rural Municipality is short of medicine since last six months. Even though the Rural Municipality had bought medications worth of NRP. 21,50,000 thousand on November, health workers have expressed their concerns on not receiving the medications.

Health Branch Chief Prem Bahadur Shahi notified that majority of the patients at hospital are the patients of diarrhoea currently. As per Shahi, around 35 to 45 patients visit the hospital each day. Among them, approximately 25 to 30 are the patients come with the problem of diarrhoea.



Dinesh Kumar Shrestha