One and Half Year of Imprisonment in the Charge of Abduction

  March 21, 2023 By: INSEC

District court has rendered a verdict imposing one and half year of punishment to Mala Bakas Miya, 51, from Khadag Municipality-11 currently residing at Dakneshwori Municipality-1 and Raslal Shah, 50 in the charge of abducting a cadres of Nepali Congress, Jiyaul Hak, 32.

Accused were punished after 4 years of filing of the case by the bench of Judge Harischand Ingnam on 42nd hearing. Accused were ordered to pay the fine of NPR 15,000 each along with the imprisonment of one and half year. The verdict further made the accused to pay NPR. 50,000 as a compensation and deposit 600 to the criminal offense victims relief fund. Decision has been made to withhold a case against an Indian National, Bhagwat Jha who hasn’t been arrested yet.

The victim has filed a complaint at the District Police Office on 10 March 2019 stating that the accused attempted to abduct him on 9 March the same year. Police then registered a complaint on 18 March. The victim was treated at Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital, Rajbiraj and Neuro Hospital, Biratnagar.

As per the victim, he was abducted by the group of 8 to 10 people while he was on his way back home on a motorbike numbered Sa.8.Pa 7470 from his shop at Bod Basai Municipality-5. The group absconded after being caught by the Indian border security force.

Jiyual had gotten into conflict with the villagers as well as the cadres of different political parties while he was working as a chairperson of the electricity consumer committee with the budger of five lakhs in ward no. 1, Madhubani. Based on the order of the district court, accused Raslal was released on the bail of NRP.150,000 and Malbakas on the bail of NPR. 100,000 on 11 April 2019.


Mahohar Kumar Pokhrel