NHRC keen on the human rights situation of citizens in bordering area

  November 14, 2018 By: INSEC

The National Human Rights Commission has started a study and discussion to probe the human rights situation of the citizens dwelling in bordering area connected with other country.

The commission has begun its investigation after the study from eastern Jhapa to western Darchula regarding the situation of citizens in bordering area.


The commission said that the conclusion gathered from the study after the investigation will be presented to the government.

During the interaction program in district headquarter of Khalang, NHRC member duo Govinda Sharma and Mohana Ansari said that information on human rights situation of the people in bordering area is being gathered by the commission.


Speaking at the interaction program, member Govinda Sharma said that the state must start the development from the bordering area for the protection of human rights. He added that real patriot lived in a bordering area and border development must be the first priority of the government.

He added that the study till now have shown that people in bordering area are suffering from 15 types of issues however it can be different in individual districts.

Member Mohana Ansari said that the state must not forget the ESC rights of bordering citizens.


Narendra Singh Karki