Nepal Food Institute Srinagar Depot Disposed 27 quintals and 90 kilograms of rice

  March 9, 2023 By: INSEC

Nepal Food Institute Srinagar Depot has disposed of 27 quintals and 90 kilograms of damaged and rotten rice. The team led by Nabin Acharya, deputy of the branch office of the Nepal Food Management and Trade Company Limited, disposed of the damaged rice in collaboration with the local administration on 7 March at Shrinagar. They took this initiative after they got a report regarding the rice which was distributed to citizens were substandard and were damaged after being stored for two years.

Budh Bhandari, a resident of the area, said that after it came out that the rice taken by citizens about two years ago was damaged, the quality of the rice was checked and the rice was destroyed.

The sacks of damaged rice were buried near the Srinagar Food Depot. Naib Subba Acharya said they were waiting for the approval of the Central Food Department to dispose of the damaged rice.

The Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) had earlier drawn the attention of the government to investigate the substandard and rotten rice distributed in Nepal.


Nanda Singh