Nepal Communist Party (Biplov) threatens Local representatives

  May 22, 2018 By: INSEC

Nepal COmmunist Party led by Biplov Maoist has threatened three municipality chief, three Rural Municipality chief and 13 local level representatives alleging them of being corrupted.

The District Jana Parishad of the party has made a public appeal and demanded the representatives to return back the corrupted money and mass apologies to the public.

A press statement released by the chief Pratik of Jana Parishad has accused mayor Govinda Pun of Kupinde Municipality, mayor Lok Man Budathoki of Bagchaur Municipality , mayor Suresh Adhikari of Sharada Municipality, chairperson Man Bahadur Chalaune of Siddha Kumakh Rural Municipality, chairperson Man Bahadur Dangi of Triveni Rural Municipality and chairperson Bhim Bahadur Sen of Karpurkot Rural Municipality of corruption and demanded to return the money misused. The statement has also urged not to do such anomalies in coming days. The party has accused them of doing financial irregularities by presenting fraud bills.

The party has also accused other 7 ward chairmen of mishandling funds. The local representatives who have been alleged of fund mishandling have denied the allegation and said that they were alleged as they denied for the donation demanded by the party.


Meena Budathoki