Negligence of Hospital Established for Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease Created Problems for Patients

  May 6, 2024 By: INSEC

The patients are experiencing challenges as the hospital built for sickle cell disease treatment in Manpur of Barbardiya Municipality-11 remains disorganized. The building is reportedly stranded due to the lack of maintenance and protection measures. The hospital building in Barbardiya was constructed with the initiation of local level aiming the treatment of Sickle Cell disease. The locals stated that the hospital was neglected at the local level even though the construction was completed a year ago. Additionally, they expressed their disappointment over the lack of progress in utilizing the facility, which was built with an investment of Rs 4,20,000,00.

The physical infrastructure of the building, including windows, doors, and electric switches, has been vandalized, while the paintwork is fading away due to a lack of proper maintenance and protection.

Sunil Tharu, a resident of Barbardiya Municipality-10, said that he was initially happy to hear that his municipality is building a hospital to treat sickle cell disease. However, he was saddened to see that rather than providing services, the building was not even maintained and protected properly. He further expressed that it would be easier for sickle cell patients like him if the services in the hospital were started quickly.

Likewise, Dogali Tharu, a resident of Barbardiya Municipality-6, Milan tole said that the patients have to go outside the Municipality for treatment due to lack of doctors in the hospital. She further mentioned that she was unaware of the reasons why the hospital could not operate despite it being completely constructed.

Badghar Khusiram Tharu, 69, a resident of Barbardiya Municipality-4, said that even though there is a hospital for sickle cell disease treatment in the Municipality, he has to go to Nepalgunj for treatment. He further mentioned that the service could not be resumed due to the lack of doctors and other management. The Municipality should take the initiative to put this situation to an end and operate the hospital as soon as possible.

Nirjan Chaudhary, another resident, says that the local government should manage doctors, medicines, machines, and other equipment to run the hospital. He said that it is not easy for them to go to Nepalganj, Kohalpur, and Gulariya from Barbardiya municipality since they have to face financial burdens and other problems in traveling as there is no bridge on the way to Gulariya.

Durga Bahadur Tharu, the retiring Mayor of Barbardiya Municipality said that the hospital could not be operated due to a lack of allocation of additional budget for the hospital by the local level. He also added that he has been constantly coordinating with the Province level for its operation.

Likewise, Mayor Chhabilal Tharu of the Barbardiya Municipality stated that an agreement of Rs. 30,00000 was reached with the Provincial government for the operation of the hospital. He further informed that the process of purchasing equipment for the hospital has progressed and the sickle cell treatment service will be operated soon.

The Article 35 of Part 3 of the Constitution of Nepal 2015 states that, (1) Every citizen shall have the right to free basic health services from the State, and no one shall be deprived of emergency health services. (2) Every person shall have the right to get information about his or her medical treatment. (3) Every citizen shall have equal access to health services. (4) Every citizen shall have the right of access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Similarly, Article 3 of Chapter 2 of the Public Health Service Act provides Access to and certainty of health service: (1) Every citizen shall have the right to obtain quality health service easily and conveniently. However, despite all these facilities, most of the citizens have been deprived of the right to health care because of the disorganized state of the hospital building constructed for the treatment of sickle cell disease in Manpur, Barbardiya Municipality.

Prakash Poudel