Negligence in Printing Books, Classes Affected

  August 18, 2022 By: INSEC

The education of the students has been affected after two chapters of the Nepali book of Grade 8 of Balmandir Secondary School located in Simkot Rural Municipality-5 were not printed well. The two chapters were blank and nothing was printed in the page except for the heading of the chapter.

Such books were distributed to 56 students of Balminder High School and they had a problem with their classes after two chapters of Nepali textbooks purchased by the school were blank.

The textbook, which arrived three months after the start of the academic session, was incomplete. After various media started covering the issue of delay in the supply of books, the publishers might have rushed the process and in the haste of it, mistakes might have happened said Kailash Rokaya, the Principal of the school.

Principal Rokaya said that due to the negligence of Janak Education Material Centre, only the title of the chapter was printed, but other contents were not printed. He further added that among the unprinted chapters were chapters 3 and 4 containing the story of Debkumari Thapa and Grantha Chitra simultaneously.

Similarly, Alisma Bohora, a student of Grade 8 complained that it is not good to have so many serious errors in course books. Students cannot get information without reading the entire text, she added.


Nanda Singh