Need to Cover New Issues of Human Rights: Chairperson Dr. Aryal

  February 21, 2024 By: Shreya Parajuli

Dr. Kundan Aryal, Chairperson of INSEC, stated that the field of human rights is getting broader. Addressing the gathering of INSEC district representatives in Kathmandu on February 20, Chairperson Aryal said that with the increase in the area of human rights, the area of human rights violations and abuses has also increased. Therefore, the responsibility of human rights defenders has also increased.

He mentioned that the human rights campaign is a regular ongoing campaign. Additionally, he emphasized that  human rights violations takes place even in highly developed and highly democratic countries in different forms.

He informed that the scopes of human rights have expanded beyond the subject of civil and political rights. He stated that the main focus should shift to economic, social, and cultural rights rather than just civil and political rights.

Additionally, it is crucial to highlight cybercrime and environmental change as significant human rights issues. Regarding this, he said, ‘ Now we need to cover new issues of human rights.

In the program, Executive Director, Bijay Raj Gautam of INSEC, underscored that the organization is  trusted in the field of human rights. He emphasized the importance of employees to work with greater responsibility to uphold and maintain this trust.

Navaraj Ghimire