Mother, two children Dies in Outdoor shed “Chaupadi” Fire

  January 10, 2019 By: INSEC

A woman and her two children were killed in a fire-related incident at Budhinanda municipality-9, the northern part of Bajura, the district in far-western province.

Amba Bohara,35, of Angaupani and her two sons–Suresh, 12, and Ramit, 9–who were at the Chhaupadi hut near home so that they could enjoy bonfire in the chilling cold reportedly forgot to put it out before going to bed arranged near the bonfire. The quilt they had used at the time was found catching the fire.
After being informed by the locals about the incident, police rushed to the site and found all the three dead in the hut, District Police Office, Bajura’s Deputy Superintendent of Police Uddab Sing Bhat said. Amba’s husband has gone for employment.

Amba died along with her children due to the suffocation caused by the fire while doing “Chaupadi” practice after she was in a period for fourth day. There are no windows in the Chhau sheds. They are very narrow and congested. One cannot even stretch legs while sleeping inside it,” said Bindu Badal, an officer at the Women Development Office.  Rukmani Shahi, the chairperson of Women Rights Forum, said menstruating women are even barred from touching animals and fruit trees. “They are forced to use murky water in the rivulets as they are not allowed to use public taps,” she added.



                                                                                                                                          Photo courtesy:  e-Kantipur
According to chief Uddam Singh Bhag of District Police Office, further investigations into the incident are underway.  The incident site is five hours walking from the district headquarter. The postmortem of all three bodies have been conducted in the Primary Health Centre in Kolti according to the police.

The District of Bajura is still entangled with “Chaupadi” practices. An unmarried woman are strictly following this practices. Married women had to live in Chaupadi for five days and unmarried must live for seven days during their menstrual period. There is still a superstition that god will get angry if “Chaupadi” is not followed. In past , many incidents have occurred during this practices.


Padam Bahadur Singh