Mother Arrested in Accusation of Killing Her Infant

  August 9, 2022 By: INSEC

Police have arrested Lakshmi Rana of Galyang Municipality-2 Ilungga and Kedar Kumal of Palpa Rampur, on August 5, 2022, on the charge of killing Lakshmi’s six-month-old daughter. Kedar has been identified as Lakshmi’s lover.

The police said that they were arrested on the charge of killing Lakshmi’s six-month-old daughter and throwing her in a temporary toilet pit.

Lakshmi Rana’s family reported that she had been out of contact with her six-month-old daughter since July 26.

Lakshmi had remarried Kedar Kumal from Palpa while she was already married to Min Bahadur Rana and her in-laws had filed a complaint against her.

Both of them were taken into custody by the police from Galyang market on August 5 and during interrogation and investigation, they found out that Lakshmi had eloped with Kumal.

They also confessed that they had thrown the infant into the pit of the temporary toilet on the night of August 5.

DSP Rabindra Khanal of the District Police Office informed that during the search at the same place, the infant’s body was found in a decayed state.

Radhakrishna Sharma