Most Cases Of Domestic Violence End Through Settlement 

  November 28, 2023 By: INSEC

The majority of domestic violence cases are reported to the District Police Office in Tanahun and often conclude with settlement. 340 cases of domestic violence have been registered in Tanahun in the last three years.

The District Police Office in 021/022 registered the highest number of domestic violence cases, totaling 207. Out of these, the office reported that 151 cases were resolved through settlements, while only 56 cases were forwarded to the court for further legal proceedings. Similarly, in 022/023 the District Police Office recorded 121 complaints of domestic violence, with 83 cases resolved through settlements, according to official statistics. During that period, 38 cases were referred to the court for legal proceedings.

Similarly, only 12 incidents of domestic violence have been registered until November of the current fiscal year 022/023. SP Abdesh Bista, the Chief of District Police Office Tanahun, informed that all the incidents have been successfully reconciled.

During the 16-day campaign against gender-based violence, SP Bista disclosed the statistics of incidents from three years and reported that 48 cases related to crimes against women and children were registered in the fiscal year 021/022.In addition, 47 cases of crimes related to women and children were registered in the financial year 022/023, and 8 cases have been recorded thus far in the current fiscal year.

Out of the 8 cases registered this year, 6 involve charges of rape, while 2 are related to attempted rape.

SP Bista emphasized that, upon registering a domestic violence complaint, it is crucial to understand the victim’s perspective and interests before deciding whether to proceed with legal actions and send the case to court. However, the crimes related to women and children, such as rape, attempted rape, human trafficking, accusations of witchcraft, child marriage, and polygamy, cannot be reconciled. The legal process in such cases will be conducted in accordance with criminal law.

Prakash Chandra Bhattarai